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I started training myself at various gyms in Yorkshire in 1984 doing both Kickboxing and Thai Boxing After winning the WAKO british championships in 1991, I decided to focus 100% on Thai Boxing.


After looking around and training at various gyms in Yorkshire I came across an article in a local paper, advertising the opening of a gym in Dewsbury which included trainers Sandra Lawson and Master Chana from Thailand. I had heard many good thing about Sandra and Master Chana and therefore decided this is where I would train. It was at this gym I bumped into and old friend of mine Dean White who ran the gym.  


Nongkee Pahuyuth was founded in the UK in 1991. I had a total of 23 fights with 21 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Fighting in Belgium, France, Spain, Budapest Hungary, Greece and Holland.


Trainers at the gym have trained alongside world class Muay Thai fighters such as:


Namkabuan Nongkee Pahuyuth Lumpinee champion, nicknamed ‘The Ring Genius' one of Thailand's greatest ever fighters.


Therakit Sitthpitak 3 x Lumpinee Champion nicknamed ‘The Tactician' due to his ability to turn any fight against any opponent to suit his style. Without a doubt one of Thailand's greatest ever fighters.


The Trainers at Nongkee Pahuyuth UK have also trained at other top camps in Thailand learning from the best in the world, spending months at a time at camps such as Sasiprapa, Sit O Burriram, Nakornthong Parkview, ISS, Sangtien Nois Camp, Kaewsamrit. These 6 Muay Thai camps alone have produced over 50 Muay Thai and Boxing Champions. We have spent almost 3 years learning from these camps and that is why Nongkee Pahuyuth UK is one of the most respected gyms in the UK, Europe and even the world.


Golden Team show
(16 Jun 2011)

Marc Ambler
(04 Jan 2011)

Joe Clarke
(04 Jan 2011)

Our Heavyweight - Glen Crosthwaite
(04 Jan 2011)

Craig Fullard
(04 Jan 2011)

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